PLEASE BE AWARE: This device is only available on loan!

The ST-2001 ESM Sphincter Trainer is a therapeutic device for treating different forms of incontinence and micturition disturbances.
The therapeutic device allows treatment using time-controlled EMG biofeedback training, electrostimulation, and a combination of both therapeutic methods. In addition to the therapeutic functions, the device also has intuitive operation and a high level of user-friendliness.

Its different treatment programs primarily support active training of endurance, strength and co-ordination of the musculature, as well as the sphincter apparatus.
The electrostimulation programs provide additional strengthening of the pelvic floor.

The measurement values are dynamically displayed on the device using an LED oval.

The course of therapy can be documented and checked by saving the exercise data. Ideally, exercise evaluation is carried out using computer software, which also allows treatment parameters to be adjusted if necessary.


  • Areas of application
  • Functions
  • Package
  • Optional accessories
  • Dimensions and weight
  • Display
  • Memory
  • Power supply
  • EMG settings & voltage measuring range
  • Setting times for exercises

Stress, urge or mixed incontinence
Rectal incontinence
Prostatectomy or anal atresia
Functional micturition disturbances

EMG biofeedback training
Combined therapy (EMG / electrostimulation)

1x "ST-2001 ESM" therapeutic device
1x sturdy plastic case
1x charger
1x operating instructions
Further optional accessories are required, dependent on the treatment

Dimensions 190x100x60mm
Weight 470g

LED oval display with 20 LEDs

Data memory for max. 75 exercises or 8.5 hours

NiMH rechargeable battery, 4x R6 round cells with at least 400mAh / 1.2V per battery
Charger for charging the batteries

EMG voltage range 0 - 100µV
Resolution of 0.125µV to 0.5µV (depending on EMG range selected)
EMG range is set manually

Tension time 0 - 200s
Relaxation time 1 - 200s
Stimulation time 1 - 200s
Pause 0 - 200s


Simultaneous connection to a surgical device with a high frequency can lead to burning of the skin at the electrode contact points. The size of the electrodes used must be tailored according to the indication. Do not operate the device in the presence of flammable gases. Only use the device if safe handling is guaranteed and dangers can be ruled out. The commissioning of the device close to therapeutic short-wave or microwave devices can lead to instability in the initial values. Never apply the electrodes to tumours or broken skin. In the case of irritation to the skin or mucous membranes, stop treatment and inform the doctor in attendance immediately.

Classification under the Medical Devices Act

Class IIa medical device