The Mikti2 therapy device is intended for treating children suffering from micturition disturbance or encopresis. The treatment consists of SEMG biofeedback training.

During therapy sessions the Mikti2 measures muscles contractions of the pelvic floor area. This muscle activity creates minute electrical potentials, which are captured by surface electrodes and shown on a graphical display.

These measurements can be displayed in a number of ways, from simple diagrams to animations suitable for children. This way, a child using the Mikti2 for treatment is able to recognize the state of their pelvic floor muscles and purposefully tense or relax them. The graphical visualization further supports and motivates the child patient.

Custom therapy programs with individual parameters may be configured in addition to the numerous pre-installed programs. New therapy programs can be created either using only the device itself or with a PC and specialized software.
All therapy sessions are recorded for later evaluation, archiving or printing.


  • Indications
  • Functions
  • Technical specifications

Detrusor sphincter dyssynergia
Functional micturition disturbance
Postoperative training after imperforate anus

SEMG biofeedback

Support for up to 6 different therapists
Support for up to 6 patients per therapists
Storage space for 1000 exercises per patient
4x AA disposable or rechargable batteries
320x240 LCD screen
Voice output and audio output for SEMG
SEMG-range: 0-300µV (resolution 0,01-0,25µV)